Fun TikTok videos show the importance of agriculture

The Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia (RASWA) briefed Likeable Creative to launch a digital campaign to give young people a better understanding and appreciation for WA agriculture. It’s the State’s second biggest export industry, yet most 12 to 15 year-olds would not consciously think about how vital the sector is.

Likeable Creative proposed a campaign of short TikTok videos showing what life would be like if we didn’t have WA agriculture. Some of the videos show the shock of taking away the food and clothing we take for granted, while others explore themes such as innovation in farming and how the sector is addressing climate change.  “No farms, no food. Your life depends on WA agriculture” was the core message of the campaign to encourage tweens and teens to think about the impact of agriculture on everyday life.

The entertaining ads were written to grab attention and get young minds thinking. One of the videos shows how sheep are now being bred to reduce their methane emissions to help combat climate change. There’s nothing like a farting sheep to grab the attention of young kids! Another shows some naked parents, to demonstrate that we’d have no clothes without wool and cotton.


climate change


future farming



The landing page

The campaign included a competition element to encourage kids to make their own TikTok videos about what they’d miss if we didn’t have agriculture. A landing page was designed to provide some key facts about the WA agricultural sector and provide details for the contest.

A gif of the competition landing page of the TikTok campaign

Versions of the videos and static ads were also made for Facebook and YouTube to target parents and teachers.

A screenshot of the YouTUbe video of the ad campaign on a mobile phone screen

The client marketing team were delighted with the campaign.  RASWA CEO, Robyn Sermon, said “In this inaugural campaign, the idea is to plant a seed in teenagers’ minds that we can grow and develop over time.”