Ronald McDonald House

Likeable Creative worked with Ronald McDonald House Charities to help promote fundraising activities to keep this remarkable organisation going. Ronald McDonald House provides a ‘home away from home’ for the parents and families of seriously ill children from regional areas who are in Perth for treatment or hospitalisation. Ronald McDonald House will typically have 90 to 150 family members staying overnight, so volunteers are needed to help cook in the commercial kitchen every evening. Likeable Creative devised a cooking challenge where corporate or social groups challenge similar peer groups to volunteer for a night of cooking and get judged, Master Chef style, on their culinary skills. We created an online platform for registrations, and challenges, plus a leaderboard to keep tally of each quarter’s winning groups. As part of the promotional activity, we created (and shot and edited in-house) a video of the Nova radio team cooking. This was used on social media to promote the idea.

The ability to challenge other groups was the core principle behind the fundraiser, as this would lead to the most engagement. We began by devising a fun and flexible graphic to capture the spirit of friendly rivalry.

Participants were asked to log on to the mobile site to nominate friends, rivals and other groups to take up the Cooking Challenge.

Participants could view their scores on the Leaderboard and start friendly rivalries with other organisations.

Visitors to the website could challenge as many organisations as they wished.

Click to view the 60 second video of the Nova crew cooking (which has recieved almost 10,000 views on Facebook).