launch campaign

The Real Estate Institute of WA (REIWA) appointed Likeable Creative to launch its brand new property search site, REIWA.COM

REIWA tasked us, as its trusted ad agency, to position the new site as a challenger to the two leading national property platforms, ( and Domain) with a view to gaining a bigger market share in this competitive marketplace. The new REIWA.COM has been built with some innovative features and access to a lot of local data that the national sites simply don’t have.

Likeable Creative set about creating a campaign that would differentiate REIWA.COM from the competitors, and clearly communicate the proposition that this is WA's smarter property search site.

Closer to home

We developed the campaign line ‘Get closer to home’ to articulate the core purpose of REIWA.COM helping West Australians find their dream homes more efficiently. The line also highlights the fact that the best tool to find local property is the property search site that’s closer to home.  Our campaign visually features the giant blue locator pin to illustrate how the REIWA.COM search tools put the perfect property smack-bang in front of you. The TV commercial shows a diverse range of people finding their new homes, including REIWA brand ambassadors, Ronnie and Georgia from The Block.

A TransPerth bus with the side bus ads of REIWA relaunch campaign
An out-of-home billboard for the REIWA campaign
A busback ads mockup of the REIWA branding campaign


The major national competitors have much bigger advertising budgets, so we needed to design very distinctive visual branding to stand out amongst the clutter and become more memorable in category. By featuring the giant blue locator pin across all our communication touchpoints, we have created a strong mnemonic that won’t be misattributed to the competitors (with branding being red and Domain green). Outdoor billboards and bus ads were used to strongly brand REIWA.COM in the suburbs.

The digital banner ad of the REIWA campaign for the digital display banner media on the web

Targeted ads ran across digital display networks, paid social channels and broadcast video on demand. The distinctive pin drop works as a great attention-grabber.

Radio was used to amplify the brand message and act as a reminder medium as listeners were either on their way to their work computer or on their way home to their smartphones or tablets.  The radio features Ronnie & Georgia as they get the blue REIWA.COM smack-bang in front of them.

A screenshot of the new REIWA website built by Likeable Creative

During the campaign launch, we created a special home page for the website so new users coming to the site would experience the same branding elements for a seamless experience.

We created a series of three explainer videos for the website, starring Ronnie & Georgia, to show users the unique features and how to dive deeper into the advanced mapping tools and data insights. You can view the other two on our YouTube channel.