Long Neck Brewery

Long Neck is an iconic licensed venue, perched over the Swan River at Point Fraser. The team at Long Neck engaged Likeable Creative to design its first range of packaged beverages, along with a suite of merchandise items for their discerning target audience customers.

In 2023, the Brewery made a strategic decision to target the corporate entertaining market to become less reliant on the tourist and casual drop-in customers. Inline with pursuing this more sophisticated corporate Perth CBD clientele, Likeable Creative re-designed the Long Neck logo to create a more elegant and resolved swan icon. The new swan was paired with more erudite typography and applied to the brewery’s printed collateral.

In mid-2023, Long Neck began canning its own craft beer for sale at the venue. Being the only craft brewery on the river, the venue is popular with boat owners to make a pitstop to pick up fresh supplies, and take-home sales at the end of corporate events is proving popular. Likeable Creative designed the packaging range, using a distinctive black can.

Long Neck briefed Likeable Creative to design a range of merchandise items that would be “what you’d expect to buy at a Margaret River winery”. The new logo looks very stylish embroidered on caps and polo shirts, plus the calico bag is proving a popular item with pub patrons.

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