Limestone Coast

Isn’t it everyone’s dream to work in a brewery? Likeable Creative was lucky enough to be approached by Limestone Coast Brewing to help them grow the brand.  The brewery started with a unique business model, making excellent craft beer for other venues! In late 2022, Limestone Coast decided to pursue additional revenue by investing in a canning equipment to produce their own branded product, and by expanding the tasting counter at their Malaga premises into a larger licensed venue called the Tap Room.

After discovery workshops with the brewery owners, we refined Limestone Coast Brewing’s original manta ray graphic and created a distinctive packaging range based on Western Australians diverse coastline. We selected beach sand colours paired to the flavour profiles of LCB’s craft beverages.


With the move into direct retail sales, Likeable Creative wrote, designed and built a new website on the Shopify platform. The website was created to build the brand, which offers good honest craft beers with all the refreshment of plunging head-first into the Indian Ocean. The page is a full online shop, allowing customers to buy directly. The website also functions as a business-to-business site for potential craft breweries and hospitality venues to set up using LCB’s ‘beer as a service’ model. Visit the website at:

Likeable Creative created a range of corporate livery.

email marketing

Likeable Creative set up sophisticated email marketing to optimise online sales and venue visits. By using a discount offer for new users, we quickly grew the database. Then, by harnessing clever automation flows in the Klaviyo platform, we were able to customise and time new emails to customer segments to motivate new purchases and cross-promote events and promotions at the Tap Room.

organic social media

We write and produce organic social media posts to grow the loyal community of brand followers, and cross-promote events, new brews, and other services such as venue hire, keg refills, portable bar hire and brewery tours.


Helping to grow the Limestone Coast Brewing brand includes crafting press releases for news articles and keeping a regular presence on Linkedin for the brewery’s business-to-business followers.

digital advertising

A monthly program of targeted online ads generates online sales of packaged product along with visitations to the Tap Room venue for promoted events and new beer releases.

local area marketing

We created an eye-catching beer glass cut-out that was placed on doorknobs in the local neighbourhood to announce the Tap Room was open for business. The cardboard beer glass was redeemed for a real pint, as a way to introduce people in the area to their new local.

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