Warick Irving came to us with a wonderful brief to name his new company, and create a brand from scratch. Warick is a highly respected real estate agent who specialises in industrial properties. After working for the major agencies for more than two and a half decades, he decided he wanted to launch his own business.  

We began the process by learning about the business and workshopped Warick’s point of difference in the market place. We discovered that Warick works extremely hard for his clients, often waking before sunrise and leaving no stone unturned in his efforts to secure the best outcomes. His service is above and beyond, with an incredible eye for detail.

With this as our brief, we set about naming the new entity. Typically, we create a long list of over 50 options, and pick our favourite three to present. We check that no other company has the name registered with ASIC, and we check what web addresses are available. The name we loved was “Industrious”. It communicated the diligence and inventive nature of Warick’s work ethic, plus it branded him as an Industrial Real Estate specialist.

The logo design is sharp and professional, with the top of the first “i” echoing the pitch of a warehouse roof.

A steely-grey colour named “Midnight” was chosen, giving the design a comfortable authoritative feeling. The design was applied to stationery, signage, email signatures and classified advertising templates.


Warick sourced a specialist real estate website platform on which to operate his business. We designed the home page and applied the Industrious Property Group colour palette to make the templated website look more bespoke.

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