GREAT Sorts campaign

The Department of Water and Environment Regulation (DWER) has been encouraging West Australians to do everything they can to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill via the Waste Sorted campaign. To model good behaviour and help householders to properly sort their waste, the campaign has used GREAT Sorts animated characters wearing shirts bearing the letters G, R, E, A and T to identify the five broad categories of waste sorting. Likeable Creative has recently produced a new evolution of the campaign using real people.

tv commercials

We created 6 new TV commercials that extend the “Be a GREAT Sort and make land fill the last resort” campaign. The new TVCs, which will also be used online and in social media, were written and produced after substantial research and input from DWER’s respected behaviour change experts. A key part of the messaging was to communicate that ‘everybody is doing it’ to normalise the behaviours. In fact, there are GREAT Sorts in every street who put 60 per cent less into land fill by doing better than the bin. The “R is for Recycling” commercial launched in November 2023 as part of National Recycling Week, with the other versions being rolled out over the summer and new year.

an integrated campaign

Key messages for the campaign will appear throughout the year in strategic media channels including outdoor, press, radio and online advertising. Special care was taken in the production of the campaign to ensure that the characters in the campaign were diverse and representative of Western Australia’s multicultural society. The tone of the creative work is upbeat and energetic to communicate that being a GREAT Sort isn’t a chore… it’s actually kind of fun to do the right thing.

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