An entrepreneurial Margaret River family met with us to discuss launching an electric scooter in Perth.  E-scooters had taken Singapore and some European countries by storm, so they saw a chance to launch a similar product in Perth. We began by designing a logo for their chosen name, GoScoot. The approved logo was then applied to the product, ready for manufacture and delivery.

GoScoot Logo, designd by Likeable Creative
GoScoot's business cards designed by Likeable Creative

logo design

We designed several options, with the slightly retro automotive-badge-inspired logo being the favourite.

Launch video

The most important tool for communicating the product benefits plus the emotional thrill and excitement of riding GoScoot, was a short 60-second video. We wrote the script to include the word “GO” throughout the video to prompt recall of the GoScoot brand and reduce confusion with any other brands entering the market.

social media

We set up Facebook and Instagram accounts for GoScoot as key marketing tools. The Facebook page features a video cover image and a SHOP NOW button. We provided a management service for monitoring comments and making speedy replies. Facebook Messenger was also used to answer direct questions and arrange test rides. The Instagram page launched with a clever use of image tiles to make a mosaic on the feed. Individual posts include product tagging to bring customers directly to the shop.

GoScoot's facebook page as a key marketing channel for the company to grow. Managed by Likeable Creative.
GoScoot's social media post on Instagram saying "Go to Town" designed by Likeable CreativeGoScoot's social media post on Instagram saying "Go PLay" designed by Likeable CreativeGoScoot's social media post on Instagram saying "Go Like the Wind" designed by Likeable CreativeGoScoot's social media post on Instagram saying "Go for Coffee" designed by Likeable Creative

Without any physical stores to sell the GoScoot product, we created an e-commerce website for online sales. The site was built on the Shopify platform and we helped our client set up the banking and security elements ready for transactions. At the same time, we also set up goscoot.com.au email accounts for key client personnel. One nifty feature of the website we designed was the ability for viewers to use their mouse to rotate the product image and get a 360 degree view of the scooter.

GoScoot's packaging. A black box with product pictures and branding, designed by Likeable Creative

Likeable Creative designed the packaging and put together a detailed instruction manual for the product.

A screenshot of GoScoot's ads on Google Ads, managed by Likeable Creative

We also set up a Google Adwords campaign to get GoScoot at the top of Google searches for “electric scooters in Perth” and other keyword phrases. There were a lot of media articles about the legality of riding e-scooters, so we bought these search terms and also created a page on the website to address these issues. (Compliance with the WA Traffic Code was a key point of difference for GoScoot). Thanks to this campaign, we were top of the page for a number of terms, including “electric scooter perth” and “electric scooter perth legal”.

A graph of GoScoot's Shopify total sales overtime from its website going up

the results

The launch activity delivered 1,421 shopping sessions to the website in the first week, and 10,161 shopping sessions over the 6 week campaign.

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