As many advertisers shift their budgets away from traditional media to apportion more spend to digital, a lot of the marketing trade press seems to treat TV advertising as some kind of poor cousin to the Google and Facebook duopoly. But savvy Perth-based retailer, CurtainWorld, has fine-tuned their marketing mix to use TV advertising to drive sales events and grow their brand. Strategic bursts of TV advertising have generated some good sales successes, despite the tough retail climate.

Marketing Director, Elliott Woolf, asked Likeable to create a campaign platform for ongoing retail TV commercials that would also lift brand awareness and stimulate customer consideration.

We hit upon the idea that changing window treatments will change the whole personality of a room. Our tagline for the campaign was “Create a world of difference with CurtainWorld” which was written to cement the “world” name in customers’ minds. The idea was to show a creative mum and her son being inspired by new window treatments, and then dressing themselves and the interior design to match.

We worked with Elliott and the CurtainWorld team to create production efficiencies to maximise the budget, including building a set that can be re-used to shoot new curtains and blinds, and shooting multiple scenes in a day. The modular format of the production means we can edit a sale commercial very quickly and economically from our library of product scenes.

CurtainWorld is very happy with the results TV is bringing and, combined with some very good SEO and an optimised website, it’s a marketing mix that works well.

30 second launch ad.

2017 Winter Sale ad.

The campaign received some great feedback, including this lovely note from a customer.

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