Cert II training

To support the growing allied health and social assistance sector, the Department of Training and Workforce Development tasked us with developing a social media led campaign to promote two new Certificate II pre-traineeship qualifications: Introduction to Aged Care and Introduction to Disability Care.


We worked closely with the Department’s working group to sensitively navigate the photography brief, resolve casting, and select appropriate locations. The communications strategy required the messaging to have a considerate approach to motivate and inspire people who have elderly parents or whose family members may be affected by disability.

social media

The targeted digital media strategy was directed at career changers, migrants and school leavers, to meet the Government’s target growth of 150 extra traineeships in the sector. The catch-cry “Ready & willing to enable” was a twist on the saying “ready, willing & able”. The line was designed to inspire people who enjoy doing good in the community.

digital advertising

A campaign of animated digital banner ads grabbed attention on strategically-targeted websites.

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