We’re planning for COVID-19.

At Likeable Creative, we’re focused on our clients and our creative work. In the face of challenging times, our focus hasn’t changed. We’re still thinking about how to bring clients and creativity together to make magic happen. But we’re also making sure we can be the best corporate citizens (and humans) as possible.

We're closely monitoring COVID-19 in Australia and abroad, and we've prepared a business continuity plan for our people, clients and partners.

We’re ready to become a virtual agency.

Luckily for us, we’re an agile bunch. Our systems ensure our people can work from home effectively if needed. These systems and processes are already in place so we can provide continuity and support to our clients no matter where our desks are.

Our communication solutions help us deliver projects and provide ongoing support to our clients and each other. We can conduct meetings via video and teleconferencing, along with secure web-enabled communication, document tracking and sharing tools. We work as a team at Likeable. Which means we share knowledge about projects, and we'll be able to share the project load if necessary.

What our clients can do.

We want good health for all people. We’re still holding client meetings for now. But, any of the below applies to you, please stay home or set up a meeting via Zoom:

We’re ensuring our office is a clean, healthy place to work and visit. We can also comply with any client-specific policies, as necessary.

Wellbeing for our people.

All staff will comply with the policies above and have been briefed on hygiene and social distancing advice from the WA Department of Health.

We're reviewing our workforce policies daily. Updates and recommendations provided by the Australian Government, WA Department of Health and World Health Organisation, will be taken into account.

It’s important to support each other in uncertain times. Our team are here if you want to talk about our COVID-19 management plan.

If you have any questions, please contact Malcolm MacLean, malcolm@likeablecreative.com.au