4 Facebook statistics that will rewrite your 2020 strategy

Hands up if you have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Facebook is a minefield for marketers. There are platform changes, updates and new tools released in an endless stream. While some changes are very welcome (Hello: lead generation in messenger - we love you). Others cause marketing departments to reactively shift their strategy time and time again. Sound familiar? Well, here’s the thing. If you have an ‘adapt or die’ approach to social media strategy, you’re doing it all wrong.

Start with statistics and the rest will follow

Globally, Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform. Locally, there are 15 million active users in Australia which is around 60% of the population. But, when it comes to Facebook, a large captive audience doesn't guarantee effectiveness. Understanding who is using the platform and how they’re using it is the only way to craft a proactive strategy. Deep diving into statistics such as demographics and user preferences will help you to create resonant content, robust strategies and new ideas.

To help put your business ahead of the curve, we’ve rounded up the most important Facebook statistics for 2020.

1. They’re mobile, are you?

1.9% of people view Facebook on a desktop computer which means that 98% of users access Facebook on a mobile device. Plus, last year Facebook reported that 94% of their ad revenue came from mobile campaigns.  If you weren’t already creating mobile-first Facebook campaigns, this stat should change your mind.

To create a campaign that cuts through on mobile, it needs to be truly scroll-stopping. It must include original creative that speaks directly to your target audience. When designing your campaign you must consider screen size, image focal point and branding.

2. Facebook prioritises video, but your competitors aren’t using it.

Only 16.6% of posts on Facebook are video, yet the platform has openly said they prioritise video posts. There’s a huge opportunity to outperform your competition with an engaging video strategy. However, before you rush off to brief a creative agency, it’s important to understand that not all Facebook videos are created equal.

In a recent study, they discovered that 85% of Facebook videos are watched with no sound. So, eye-catching imagery that communicates your brand and message is your best friend. If your video does use narration, make sure you add subtitles or supers to increase engagement. The branding video we created for GoScoot is a good example of how you can capture attention and communicate with or without sound. Remember that most users are viewing their feed using a mobile device, so size matters. In fact, square videos get a whopping 35% more views than landscape videos.

3. Stories are not just for Instagram

Facebook users are four times more likely to watch a live video compared to a recorded video. And, there are 300 million active users for Facebook Stories. Much like Instagram, Facebook prioritises stories by putting them at the top of each feed. This ensures they are one of the first features users see when they open Facebook, enticing them to click.

In 2020, Facebook stories should be a part of your video strategy along with video ads, video posts and live videos.

4. Change your expectations  

Every great social media strategy has measurable goals to track your progress. However, most marketers don’t realise just how difficult it is to win leads on social media. In short, you may be doing much better than you think you are.

When you set your goals, keep these statistics in mind:

·      Globally, a typical user likes 13 posts, comments on 5 posts and shares 1 post a month.

·      Australia has one of the highest median monthly Facebook comments per user – 10.

·      The average Australian user clicks on 21 Facebook adverts per month.

Your page is just one of many pages a user will see in any one day. So, be realistic about page growth and campaign engagement. And remember, a long-term strategy that converts users into valued customers beats short term gains, every time.

Will these statistics change your marketing strategy in 2020? We’d love to hear about your business, connect with one of the Likeable team on (08) 6280 1129 o comment below.